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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

The best plays of quartet "SKAZ" from the Russian radiofund.
Selection of plays on CD from vinylic plates of the last years!
Quality of record good.
30 plays. General time of sounding - 63 minutes.
Cost of one compact disc = 25$ or 22 Euro.

The program CD "RUSSIAN TROIKA":

1. "Perevoz Dynia derjala", russian songs, pr.I.Tamarin
2. "Youth", A.Arutjunov''s
3. "In a garden, in a kitchen garden ", russian songs, pr. I.Tamarin
4. "Gallop", I.Tamarin
5. "Lezginka", georgian dance
6. "Blue handbell ", J.Stenli
7. "Ah, Samara - small town ", russian songs, pr. I.Tamarin
8. "The Rural joke ", V.Egorov
9. "Point", I.Tamarin
10."Lyrical play ", J.Zatsarny
11."Feelings", A.Morris
12."Original ragtime ", S.Joplin
13."Round dance", I.Tamarin
14."Russian dancing ", I.Tamarin
15."Sad song", V.Kalinnikov
16."Golden mountains ", russian songs, pr. V.Soboleve-Belinskaya
17."Under a mansion seignioral ", pr. I.Tamarin
18."Two cheerful geese ", pr. I.Tamarin
19."Do not cuckoo, cuckoo ", pr. I.Tamarina
20."Grey goat", russian comic, pr. I.Tamarina
21."Oh, kalinyshka, curly ", russian songs, pr. I.Tamarin
22."Comic song ", I.Tamarin
23. Pol''ka-pizzikato, I.Shtraus
24. Scherzo, I.S.Bah
25. Betena, S.Joplin
26. La Paloma
27. The Philippine melody
28. "Kid" a ragtime, I.Tamarin
29. "I the universe have passed All ", pr. B.Trojanovskogo
30. Marche - grotesque, V.Beletsky


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We thank you for attention to art of ensemble!


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