Balalaika Ensemble QUARTET "SKAZ" Russia - official site of the Group
Balalaika Ensemble SKAZ
Balalaika Ensemble SKAZ
Balalaika Ensemble QUARTET "SKAZ" Russia - official site of the Group
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Balalaika Ensemble QUARTET "SKAZ"

Artistic director and founder
of the Balalaika Ensemble QUARTET "SKAZ"
honoured artist of Russia,
honorary citizen of New - Orlean ( USA )
( domra-prima, vocal ),
administrative director
of the Balalaika Ensemble QUARTET "SKAZ",
honoured artist of Russia,
president of the Russian Club musician-populist
DMITRY BELINSKIY ( balalaika-prima ),
Laureate international contest
ANDREY TARASOV ( domra-al'to ),
Laureate international contest
ANATOLY PROKHOROV ( balalaika-bass ) 


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"Professional group - Russian concert Balalaika QUARTET SKAZ, Moscow is one of the brightest and prestigious musical ensembles in Russia. The young ensemble organized in 1973 from the very first performances has appeared as perspective talented collective, the active propagandist of Russian national and classical music.

The members of the QUARTET SKAZ playing Russian Folk Instruments are dedicated to the promotion of Russian Folk music throughout the world. The members are dedicated to making serious as well as light music on stringed instruments the balalaika and domra. "SKAZ" is such a group and has been described as phenomenal since they have managed to capture attention by the unique sound, which they originated on the balalaika and domra.

The members succeeded in the improvement of the old technique of playing - by the skilful adoption of the proven and expert methods used by exponents of the banjo and classical guitar. In this manner "SKAZ" could perform more expressively and also acquired an additional timbre in sound.
A direct result of their improved technique was the considerable expansion of the quartet's repertoire to include classical music and jazz - in addition to the customary and traditional Russian folk songs and dances. Their repertoire also includes folk dances and songs from other cultures from over the world as well as music which was specially composed for them.

Quartet SKAZ has an international music awards. Ensemble repeatedly played for Presidents of various countries. Performances of the quartet always receive critical acclaim. They have extensively toured in Russia and have given performances in USA, Brazil, Africa, Netherlands, Monaco (MonteЦCarlo), Luxembourg, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, South Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Laos, Afghanistan, Rumania, Poland...

In addition to many recordings for radio and television, the Russian concert quartet Skaz has recorded seven LPТs, as well as two compact discs recorded and published in the Netherlands.
Historical Note
The first CD recorded in the USSR was Quartet SkazТs "Balastroika", released in the Netherlands in 1989.
In 2009, Russian Disc released another CD of SkazТs music under the title "Skaz, Russian Concert Quartet".
And in 2017, in another first for Russian folk instruments, Skaz has recorded the new album "Tea from a Samovar", a collection of Iranian folk music in arrangements by Kayvan Sadra, to be released later in the year by Masherbrum Art.
In 1994, in Budapest, together with a summary symphonic orchestra of executors from Germany, USA, Hungary, quartet "SKAZ" has written down music to a film "Ekaterina Great" (manufacture USA - GERMANY), and in 1995 - music to a film "Young Indiana Jones, Travels With Father", composer Laurence Rosenthal (USA).

The group travels regularly. No matter whether the perform in small hall, on fashionable concert stage, or on a stage at a building site in a distant Siberian town the quality of their music is always highly commendable and their inspiration and concentration evident.

In the program: popular classical music, original compositions and processingТs of Russian national melodies, melodies of the countries of the world, city romances, ragtimeТs..."


International Alliance of the Music





*More then for 30 year creative period,
being in unceasing searching for of the new expressivenesses
russian music instrument, new, modern scenic image,
but the main young, talented and perspective musician,
artists of the quartette was partly changed.
Probably so, today QUARTET "SKAZ" has saved its youth and brightness,

inimitable coloring of the sound and maximum capacity to work


Balalaika Ensemble QUARTET "SKAZ"


shows the people
possibilities of the greatness,
which there is in his soul"


"Music inspires whole world,
supplies the souls a wings,
promotes the flight of the imagination..."










Balalaika logo Quartet "SKAZ", author of the outline Dmitry BELINSKIY, 1992

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